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It should also be noted that Augustine does not consider the Hortensius to be the most redemptive book that he could have loved at that point that, of course, would have been the Bible.

Specifically, he is at pains here to point out the apostle Paul's warning in the scriptures not to be deceived by philosophy to the exclusion of Christ. Throughout his Confessions, Augustine will take care to intersperse his philosophy with plentiful doses of praise to God and Christ.

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Feeling that Hortensius was compromised by the lack of any reference to Christ he attributes this feeling to Monica's early influence , Augustine finally decided to take a look at the Christian Bible. Unfortunately, the early Latin bible was crudely worded and somewhat obscure.

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For a student of rhetoric and oratory like the young Augustine, its language was blunt and repulsive. He put it aside, missing what he now recognizes as its sublime simplicity, its "inwardness. Confessions by: St.

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