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Come save on used books in the Clearance Aisle. Shop now. It focuses on the purpose and heart of a woman, and how she is called to a role that is both captivating and nurturing to the relationships in her life. It opened my eyes to the ways that I have learned to defend my heart by putting up barriers to it, and how you cannot truly love without being vulnerable. This is a word that has not even been in my vocabulary for so long that I honestly hardly recognized the concept until I found myself caught up in the examples the authors gave There were many key insights offered into how a woman should be focused on her one true Father, and operate in a feminine way in the world so as to make it and her own heart flourish.

It describes femininity in many ways - tender, loving, beautiful, fierce. This book is inspirational, and worth a second read!

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Loaded with cultural outlooks. Talking with others I've decided I liked it because I could relate with it, but I don't think a girl who grew up in a different place could relate to it. I actually found my old review on Amazon which isn't an easy thing to do these days , and I did something I don't do much anymore: I deleted the year old review.

What a way to make me feel old. I've been reviewing since , and looking back at these early reviews really brings into stark contrast how much I've changed since then. Typically, I let those old reviews stand as they are, a capsule of who I was at the time. I know many may not get that, thinking that my thoughts at the time of writing are still mine today; but I have over reviews on Amazon, and I'm not about to hunt and peck to delete all my old reviews.

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However, with this book, I felt like leaving up my 5-star review on Amazon was hugely inappropriate. On Goodreads, I can hide my initial review, add warnings and leave the rating blank. On Amazon, I can't do that. I don't think it's fair to rate this book 1-star or 2-stars without rereading something I have no intentions of doing , but neither is it fair to give it a whopping 5-stars for opinions I think are harmful today.

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To make matters more interesting, there was one commenter who commented on nearly every positive review of that book why the book was awful, and I would argue with him on multiple reviews, this being the days before I had any respect or decency for another person's review space. I wish very much I could go back and delete my interactions, but that's more effort than it's worth. While "Captivating" made me feel like I was worth it at the time and I suppose I am grateful for that, the additional baggage of this book - enforcing gender norms and stereotypes and tying your self worth to how closely you follow an ancient text cobbled together from many sources - are ones I can't stand behind.

I also don't find examples from pop culture or supposedly "real life people" very convincing these days. I am worth it, regardless of how feminine I come across, regardless of whether I can cook or clean or want to have kids or want to get married. I got sucked into the book because I was probably depressed and lonely; I don't want to dupe another depressed, lonely young woman with my inaccurate positive review to read this book and try desperately to bludgeon herself into this narrow definition of "Christian femininity".

I had been homeschooled and isolated from my peers. I had never dated because I didn't interact with boys my age and I never asked to date because that's not what "good girls did". I felt fat and ugly.

I went straight from classes home because that's what my parents expected of me. I didn't do anything wrong - I didn't party, I didn't drink, I didn't smoke, I didn't even go out with friends. For an incredibly isolated, lonely young woman, I needed this book. But I'm not that woman anymore. I've grown up. I have had a boyfriend though that was meh. I have been out on dates though, again, meh.

I'm a feminist. I've been to other cities, other states, a whole different continent and country. I've lost weight and feel attractive. I will leave this review up here in spoiler tags, but I ask you keep in mind: I was a young woman, very inexperienced, following a whole different culture when I wrote this.

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Of note: Rereading this review, I find it interesting that what I wrote about wasn't how I felt the need to be pure or more feminine, critiques I've seen given to this book, but the joyful affirmation that I was beautiful and uniquely loved by God. Truly, I was in a sad place, that I didn't feel beautiful and loved.

I would save the world from criminals, uphold the ways of the Force, and travel the world or the universe on my own starship. Eventually, the hero of my dreams either detective or Luke Skywalker would tell me how beautiful I was and marry me. Together, we would live happily ever after. Fast forward over a dozen years and the story is much different. Today, I have a less-than-glamorous job, no significant relationships with men, and little hope that anyone outside my family will ever call me beautiful.

My story is one that many women can relate to. In this book, John and Stasi acknowledge the way that women feel and encourage them to rise above it. Women are not called to mediocrity, is their cry. Women are meant to be beautiful, to be loved and to love, and to be involved in adventure and the way this can be achieved is by a meaningful, intimate relationship with the one who started it all: God, the ultimate lover. When my church group encouraged the ladies to read Captivating while the men read Wild at Heart, I took up the challenge--this time with better success.

In this chapter, John and Stasi gave me a picture of my femininity that I had never, in my wildest dreams, pictured before. Here, they assert that Creation was not complete without woman. For me, that was the most jaw-dropping moment of the book. Furthermore, John and Stasi give plenty of examples--Biblical, pop culture, and real-life men and women--of what they mean.

In describing God and how he wants to love us, they use examples from movies that many women have seen: Titanic, Braveheart, Lord of the Rings, and Sense and Sensibility to name a few none of the movies are endorsed, only the imagery is used.

Captivating Revised and Updated

When describing how parents influence a daughter's image of herself, several women's life stories are given. This real-life approach is also given when describing interactions with men, interactions with God, and interactions in the world and lends the whole book great authenticity. But most importantly, John and Stasi made me realize how valued I was as a woman and how important it was for me to let go of all the chains and grudges and burdens I have been holding on to. In this manner, the book was a success and a delight. I hate this because I am the type of person who wants to do the items and conquer each before moving on in the book.

And if I just read all the steps one after another without doing each one, I tend to get overwhelmed with all the "to-do" work I have in front of me.

Captivating Revised and Updated Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul

John and Stasi relate others' and Stasi's failed relationships. These include rape, sexual assault, physical abuse, verbal abuse, and other forms of domestic violence. Definitely not for younger teens; preferably for older teens and adults. Overall: Wow. What else can I say? I've learned so much about myself in the few days this book has taken to read that I never knew in all the years before. I know why I feel the way I do--and that many other women feel the same way.

I understand how my parents influence the way I do things today. And I understand that God loves me in a special way--a romantic way that church never talks about. Are you a lonely woman, looking desperately for someone to love and love you? Are you bored out of your mind in your job? Is someone calling you beautiful?

This is a book that will show you that there is someone to love, to call you to adventure and who is calling you beautiful. A must read book. View all 3 comments. Now, I give this a 3-star rating because I do not have the option of a 3. It is a great book - or course, for women.

We wanted to better understand one another, and one another's gender more. They quote the majority of the same movies mostly men's movies, at that - i. The first chapter is great. It seems as though the Eldredges just rewrote it about 11 other times, as they redundantly state the same point, only adding something slightly different to have some minor impact. I know that it appears as though I did not like the book - that is incorrect.

I did. I feel as though I do better understand women though perhaps not all of them I do, however, feel as though Stasi and John placed much of their own ideals and interpretations into the writing. Yes, this book is intended for women, but it does not do a great job of making the genders equal. Now that is fine. I cannot see how men could be contrived as a Beauty in any fashion, but I cannot see how women are to play the role as a Warrior if that is what men are called to do.

The message seems to be contradicting. Men need to offer their God-given strength spiritually, physically, and every way while women offer their God-given beauty spiritually, physically, and every way - yet they state that "since men aren't always arround" that women need to also be warriors.