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Download Camtasia Studio 8. Download Catch Catwoman! Download Ibern PDF. Download New worlds for old Collection of British authors. Tauchnitz edition PDF. Download Valperga PDF. Download What's Wrong With Us? PDF Online. Calhoon PDF Download. Free The Donkey Speaks Pamela Palmer. They are called Feral Warriors—an elite band of immortals who can change shape at will.

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Sworn to rid the world of evil, consumed by sorcery and seduction, their wild natures are primed for release. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Original pages. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader.

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Krysta is used to getting the drop on vampires. Her "special abilities" aren't much, but the plan is simple--she plays helpless pretty young thing to lure them in. Then her shoto swords come out and it's bye-bye, bloodsucker. Until one night she finds herself with an unexpected ally.

Desire Untamed (Feral Warriors #1)

He's a vampire, all right, but different. And more interested in saving her skin than draining it. He can't stop thinking about her long legs, even more than her short swords. Then he discovers the vamps she's exterminating have friends in high places, and the Guardians are in danger too. Five years earlier, Ross had aided Nest when the future of humanity rested upon her choice between Word and Void. Now Nest must return the favor. Sharp and satisfying. Running with the Demon. In a sleepy steel-mill town, the ultimate battle between Good and Evil is about to begin.

Sinnissippi Park, in Hopewell, Illinois, has long hidden a mysterious evil, locked away from humankind by powers greater than most could even imagine.

But now the malevolent creatures that normally skulk in the shadows of the park grow bolder, and old secrets hint at a violent explosion. The brewing conflict draws John Ross to Hopewell. A Knight of the Word, Ross is plagued by nightmares that tell him someone evil is coming to unleash an ancient horror upon the world. Caught between them is fourteen-year-old Nest Freemark, who senses that something is terribly wrong but has not yet learned to wield the budding power that sets her apart from her friends. Now the future of humanity depends upon a man haunted by his dreams and a gifted young girl—two souls who will discover what survives when hope and innocence are shattered forever.