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Rich, Ibanez or Schecter, you will find that they have pickups with a harder sound with a lot more gain rather than the smooth sound you get if you played a Fender, Gibson or PRS. If your going to be playing hard rock or metal, brands like Ibanez have pickups that work well for that style of music. The type of bridge is also an important thing to look for. These bridged lock the strings into place so that your guitar doesn't go out of tune when you use the bar.

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Although this is a nice feature to have these kinds of bridges are VERY hard to tune I personally have 2 guitars with floating bridges, on Floyd-Rose and the other Edge, and I can say from personal experience that they make it very difficult to tune or replace strings. Some guitars offer bridges with vibrato bars but no locking mechanism. Low end guitars use cheap wood that doesn't allow for the sound to sustain well. Higher end guitars use wood that helps keep the tone and sustain the sound. Usually when the guitar body feels heavy, it will hold the sound better.

If you just buy a guitar without playing it or even seeing it in real life you may end up being very disappointed with your purchase. Just because a guitar looks good does not mean it plays well.

In this guide to buying your first guitar, we’ll help answer:

After you have found the right guitar and confirmed that it is the one you want then buying it at the store of online fine. Even after you find a guitar you like, make sure to look at other ones. Although the first guitar you found may seem like the right one for you, if you continue looking you may find something much better for the same price. But you'll never know unless you look. Just because a guitar is expensive doesn't mean its better than one with a lower price.

When shopping for a guitar don't ignore guitars just because they are cheap. Usually the more expensive the guitar is, the better it sounds and plays, but there are a lot of guitars that sound good and are not expensive. No matter how good a guitar looks, if it's made from cheap materials it will just fall apart and you'll have wasted you money.

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The best way to determine the quality of a guitar is just by playing it. If the hardware feels cheap or pieces rattle around, this shows you that this might not be the right guitar. Another very important thing is making sure the neck is straight. A warped or bent neck is a sure sign of a cheap quality guitar.

Another way to determine a guitars quality is by looking at customer reviews but I'll talk about the in the next step. Another good thing to do before purchasing a guitar is to look at customer reviews.

By doing this you can see what people have to say about the guitar you are considering buying. If the overall reviews and rating are positive then maybe it is a good guitar, but if most people leave negative feedback then maybe you should start looking for another one. A few more things you may want to consider are the look of the guitar, the pickups, if it is a hollow or solid body, the price, and the reputation of the manufacturer.

Also, if you feel like I have missed any important points say what they are in the comments below and I will add it to this guide. For all you wet behind the ears wan't to be famous rock stars need to go back to school not music classes but classes that raise your IQ level THIS information i am about to give you you do not deserve Epiphone's known for there neck problems by peoppeoplepeople. Best guitar I bought is a Hagstrom ultra Swede model. Felt right. One very, very, very, very, very important thing to pay attention to when buying your guitar is how the neck feels in your hands. Consider YOUR hands.

Hands come in different shapes and sizes. Think fingers vs.

How to Find the Right Guitar

This matters a lot. I seldom see this brought up in "buying your first guitar" articles. Go into the guitar store and when you are playing guitars, play a first position F and C chord and some bar chords. Can you make these chords sound clear and clean? Capos are very rarely sold it kits, so this one is a steal.

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The finest woods pair to make the finest sounds, which is few and far between for beginner acoustic guitars. The fact that this kit does sets it apart from the competition. This bundle is nice because everything comes with instructions and details on how to use and properly take care of it all. Laminated Spruce Spruce is another great wood option for acoustic guitars.

Having a laminated layer of protection is always a benefit as well because it prevents scratching and adds a nice shine to the appearance of the acoustic guitar. Why We Liked It - Sometimes you just wanted simplicity and a beginner product that is straight to the point. This kit includes all of that, without all the confusing extra pieces and high prices. For another great beginner acoustic guitar, the Yamaha FG is an excellent choice.

Yamaha is known for producing excellent guitars, and they never cut corners to create even the most beginner acoustic guitars.


Spruce and Mahogany Again, an amazing pair of woods combine to make the ultimate acoustic build. Angled Headstock An angled headstock directly impacts the tightness and sound from the strings. The tightness or looseness of strings can make it a little bit easier to navigate the strings and change chords.

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  4. It also makes it a little easier for strings to hold to the stock, reducing the chance of fret buzz. Why We Liked It - Spruce and mahogany are excellent choices for building an acoustic guitar. This acoustic also offers many colors and shades to customized your perfect instrument. People with long arms and fingers might find it hindering to use a smaller body guitar, which is why this one shines. The Kit Includes it All This kit includes everything you need to begin your guitar learning process.

    Large Cut Away Body Cut away bodies on acoustic guitars add a little bit of a design flare. The large dreadnought frame is great because it boasts a high volume with a deep, resonating sound. Why We Liked It - Musicians are always trying to find new ways to not look like the rest. Dreadnoughts are well-known and widely used by professionals due to their ease of playing. Spruce and Kauri Kauri is a unique wood used with acoustic guitars to produce a slightly louder yet softer sound.

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    Laminated spruce holds this dreadnought acoustic guitar together as some of the strongest wood around. The Kit Includes… The kit for this acoustic guitar includes guitar picks , straps for your acoustic , strings, and the guitar itself.

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    Buying these items individually can put a dent in your wallet, but bought together they hardly add anything to the pre-existing price. Why We Liked It - We love the simplicity and size of this acoustic guitar. Different kits includes different items, which also might throw a curve ball in your decision. Especially in music, finding the right choice for you is essential. With that in mind, we wanted to help further guide you along to clear some things up and get you started on your way!

    Kits are usually the best way to go since they include everything you need to start playing at a much cheaper bundle price.