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It's been long since someone pampered her. It's been long since someone told her sweet things. This person ah, she's crying and all that. We feel pity, but you too, you need money. I'm trying to get money, and the same, the same person is also trying to get money,. SKIDOO: The white people, they came down here to colonise us, took what belongs to us, they sent our great, great grandfathers there, mistreated them, treated them like slaves.

Meet the scammers - Four Corners

They did a lot of harm to them. They've done us bad before and we think it's time to pay them back. At a shrine on the outskirts of the capital, Nana Agradaa casts spells for her customers to help them make money. Nana and her assistant show us how it works. Nana, I've some clients abroad and I've been asking them for money but they are not forthcoming. I want you to help me. Give them to me. Get up. Put your consultation fee in the bowl. Take some alcohol. We need your assistance now. Hear our plea. He has some clients and needs money from them. Do hear his prayer.

They were three. Two ladies and one man.

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And he, the boy wants them to send him some amount. Because he has been asking money from her and him, but they have not paid the money. So when he came, I was doing it for him. So I give him some soap to go and use it so that when he's using it to bath , he will say anything that he wants the white lady or the white man to do for him. So that is what I was doing for him. But the big guys would never go to the internet cafe. They will sit in the comfort of their rooms, have their mobile telephone broadband network, and do it in their own comfort. Even most of the bad guys, or the big fishes, put out, or send the small boys on an errand to undertake preliminary, uh, activities for them, so they graduate from that particular little boys to the big guys in town.

Scammers here are trading their victims with criminal syndicates which are exploiting them for drug trafficking and money laundering. Police are only starting to understand how sophisticated and far reaching this is. Talking about how to control their victims, how to best carry out the fraud scams.

It gave us a real sense of the scope and scale of how large it was, and the nature, and how big the operations were that Mr. Ighedoise and his associates were carrying out, again, targeting people from Canada, to the United States, to Europe, to even mentioning Australians. And, there were exchanges of suggestions of, no, no, no, use this letter, it's better, use this hallmark on your documents.

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It's much more effective. And, so you realise, okay, we're up against a machine here. It started as a started as a university fraternity in Nigeria in the 70s. It likes to be known for charitable works but it's earned a reputation in Nigeria as a violent cult. The Nigerian contemporary media was full of accounts of people, cult members or members of a neo-black movement executing friend and foe alike. DET CONST TIM TROTTER: What we found was something very unique in criminal organisations, we found an organisation that had strong central control, that had feeders everywhere and then would take in all this information and essentially assess and find the best practice, best criminal practice with which to victimise people all over the world.

Literally, all across the globe. He was the plug in for an entire network of people behind him that were out there committing crimes and targeting people all across the world and were coming to him to get bank accounts, to launder those funds, to quickly get me a bank account so I can receive money from this victim here or another country around the world.

He really was a real keystone in the world of transnational fraud and money laundering. He's also wanted by the FBI, which has indicted him on money laundering charges over an alleged five-billion-dollar fraud scheme. But I don't think that we've really pieced it together on the truly transnational stage that it truly deserves. West African organised crime might be the largest transnational organised crime entity out there but nobody's really heard of it.

I think that initial reaction is to think of people sending these stupid emails of the Nigerian prince, and they don't realise from that that you're really talking about very violent criminals that are very organised enforcing this stuff on a global, organised scale. They're not dumb, they're very smart, they're very organised and there's huge numbers of them. STEVE BAKER: Somebody, say the chief financial officer, will get an email that looks like it's from her boss, saying instead of paying the supplier the normal way, this time we want you to wire that money to this other bank account.

So, she believes that she's responding to the person she works for, and she's really sending the money off to the crooks without realising it. That becomes the highway that the money takes to go from the victim to the criminal.

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Gone unchecked, this is not going to go away. I think some of the things we've been seeing from law enforcement over the last year are great. There's been a number of arrests in Ghana, in the U. There are arrests all over the world occurring, and we need to keep the pressure on. And there's one case that shows just how brazen the scammers have become. It involves a romance scam victim who was drawn into a global drug trafficking scheme. And it was operating right here, under the noses of Australian authorities here at Villawood Detention Centre. It was a, a well tried, um, and, and I think well practised approach.

Why Do So Many Scams Come From Nigeria?

It was extremely well organized. He called contacts in South Africa, India, Brazil and Nigeria setting up the drug smuggling operation. Male: The man is the best. He moves about with a built-in oxygen pipe, that is how he breathes. So no one will even stop him, you will even pity him when you see him.

Now there's supposedly this cash that I was going to be getting was marked with some type of dye which needed to be cleaned off in order for me to get clean cash. But he wasn't the only one who fell for it. I had no idea what to say. I was just, I can't believe this is happening. His puppet master Patrick Nweke was convicted of drug importation and will be sentenced next month.

That's mind boggling, absolutely mind boggling and let alone out of Australia, but out of a detention facility. How is that possible? There's no doubt these organised criminal groups, West Africans as well as everybody else will change their modus operandi and again will start to target Australians in a big way. If you want me to put that, put it that way. It's might be somehow painful seeing someone who is old enough to be your mother going through that. But it, bottom line still remains, we've got to survive. Make some noise! A businessman, companies and employ the youth some who are not working, so I can create jobs for the youth.

Because that is the main thing that is holding us back with the youth. That's why we are indulging ourselves in this scamming and all that. They'll keep going until they take everything from you.

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It's not going to go away. STEVE BAKER: This is in our neighbourhoods, this is our friends, this is our neighbours, these are people we know, this is on our block, this is in our apartment building and the total amounts of money going out are staggering. Coming to terms with the fact these really are huge, organised, worldwide enterprises is something I think the police around the world are still learning about, and we've got a long way to go if we're going to do something effective.

Mondays at 8. Video Player failed to load. Play Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Image: Four Corners. Meet the scammers Posted Mon 11 Feb , pm. Updated Thu 6 Jun , am. The cyber criminals breaking hearts and stealing billions. Reporter Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop travelled to Ghana to meet the scammers and watch them at work.

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