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Tales of Suruale: Davi

The lord of Khorne has called a man from the Order of Assassins to let him take care of things, but when the man gets there, another man has already came—and has done so to take Cythe into his fold for a upcoming war where every man—no matter if they are human, dwarf, etc. One was that it was too short, not really a problem in itself but it leads into the main thing—I felt there was not really time for a lot of plot development—or even character development. We learn about Cythe and the upcoming and prophesized war yes and that is interesting but at the came time that is about all we learn it feels much more the like the start of a book instead of the second installment.

I know plot and character development is not really essential in a short story—just that they are interesting—but I still felt that there should have been something—like in Davi. Davi had both plot and character development, even though it was short as well, this one was just missing it—but I am holding out hope that the next one will pick back up pretty much where we left off with this one and if not with Cythe concerning the same idea—the war.

I will pick up the next installment—I am curious as to the world the authors have created and really enjoyed Davi but overall I can not say that I really enjoyed this installment. Except for the area inhabited by the Men of the Northlands who refuse to be ruled. A mage is determined to discover the power within himself and use it to make up for his family's atrocities. Not easy to do when he's dirt poor. The angels have fallen. Their memories are lost. Darkness threatens the world. As a squad of cadets fight against tradition, two begin to remember. If she can survive, she'll become the world's most infamous thief.

If she fails, she will be the first to burn in a war that threatens all nine lands. Awaken The Mortal Mage Book 1. After his father's death, a mage searches for guidance to understand his abilities and his purpose in hostile land ripe for war. The Aliens Defeat was seeded a thousand years in our past. What you thought you knew about Vampires and Weres is wrong - So very, very wrong. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention fantasy brian human woods dwarves finds journey humans blacksmith trade tale dwarfs dwarven genre roy reopen novella readers soon dwarf.


There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I really enjoyed the story of Davi. It's rare indeed to find a human who's a better blacksmith than a dwarf. Even rarer for him to earn the respect of the dwarves.

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Throughout this tale, Davi breaks down barriers and is able to show the kind of man he is. Its a well done, unique story. Definitely love the idea of "The Time Keepers. You wont regret it. The novel's biggest flaw is character development which is virtually non-existent.

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The main character is largely passive for most of the novel, simply accepting what is happening around him with little or no concern yet somehow transforms into a fearless warrior even before fighting in his first real battle. The thing is, it isn't really necessary for him to develop because things are often simply handed to him. All the while, Devi is garbed in the gilded and embroidered costume of a Punjab Hills princess.

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